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Rescue Coordinator:
Stephanie Fischer (516) 641-9993

In the summer of 2003, The Vizsla Club of Long Island founded our rescue program. Our pepsiboundaries of operation are set forth by the Vizsla Club of America, which is our parent club.

Our program is designed to provide foster care and placement of abandoned and/ or unwanted Vizslas. This program is operated by the generosity of our club members and others who love the breed. Money to cover operating expenses comes from donations and adoption fees. The dogs that come into our rescue program vary in age, but on average range from 15 months to 5 years of age. We take special care with the placement of our senior dogs.
The VCLI operates its rescue program by a set of written guidelines adopted by our club and accepted by other organizations throughout the area. Our rescue program accepts only purebred Vizslas.

mollyIn most cases our dogs are owner surrenders. Many circumstances can cause a dog to need a new home. Those are often lifestyle changes due to work, divorce, or children, a move or transfer, or a death in the family. We occasionally get a dog from a shelter situation, but the bulk are from owners that didn’t realize how active a Vizsla can be. Every dog and it’s situation is evaluated before a dog is accepted into our program. We gather as much information as possible on each dog accepted. Each dog’s health issues are addressed and cared for. A dog’s personality and behavior issues are addressed while the animal is in foster care. All animals accepted into our program must be spayed or neutered.

Adopting families are evaluated and we try to match a dog to a family by personality. This means placement is not done on a first come, first serve basis. We expect each placement to last a lifetime and we strive to remain in contact with adopting families.

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