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Aja’s Story

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Princess Aja


I sleep on a pink satin sheet in my master’s fluffy bed until noon.  Every viszla should have this life.  After all I was awaken at 6:30 AM to tend to my toilet needs, run in my yard with my older brother, Dion, eat breakfast, groomed and given my “treat” (fish oil).  Now I need my beauty rest.  I know my master’s mother will call me down at noon to sit with her.  I love to rest my head on her soft shoulder and snuggle close to her warm body.  My brother Dion is old and sleeps a lot but we do chase each other when he’s feeling like it.

As if a clock is in my belly, it must be 5 o’clock because my master’s mother is getting my dinner ready.  In a short time, my master will be home and we will play and snuggle until bedtime.   I love the long walks with my new canine friends on week-ends and I try very hard not to pull my master down on her butt.  She is very understanding and has taught me a new word – “heel.”

Ah-h-h  the life of a Hungarian princess!

Aja’s life here has certainly had its ups and downs.  She is my first rescue.  When she first arrived there was a lot of growling as she claimed her space and we all needed to understand her and she, us.  She has settled in, slimmed down and finally claimed this as her home.  She is still bossy and wants to be the first out the door, first to get attention, etc. but Dion doesn’t seem to mind.  He is such a gentleman! My 2 children who live locally have rescues too; 2 boxers, 1 ridgeback and 1 mix.  There is now a lot less growling when her cousins come to visit and yard time is a hoot.

Carol Biros

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