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Bostone’s Story

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vcli southside recue dog bostone with a toyMy name is Bostone.  I am a Southside Kennel survivor.  I don’t remember much about that,  I was cold and hungry, and so tired.  One day some humans came and took me to a place where I had food and it was warm.  I thought that I would live here with these humans, that this would be my forever home.  I was there for a long time, the humans were nice, they told me that I was very sick but now I was better, and soon I would go to another place.  That made me sad.

One day I was brought to another place where there were lots of animals, and I had some other friends from Southside Kennels there to play with.  The humans were nice, I was loved and hugged by the humans. I had food, and a big grass yard where I could run and play games with other dogs.  I was shy at the beginning, but soon I was happy there too.  Maybe this place would be my forever home.  I was there for a long time, and one day I was brought out to meet some new humans.  They talked to me and hugged me, I was afraid and tried to make myself very small.  They played with me for awhile and went away.  The next day they came back and had treats and toys and a new collar for me.  I went with them in a big truck, I was sad that I was leaving.

I was in the truck for a long time,  the humans gave me water and treats, but I did not want to eat the treats.  I was afraid.  I was going to another home, again. Maybe I would never have a forever home.

After a real long time, I came to another place.  It had a pretty yard, and the man took me for a long walk and talked to me about this place called Delaware.  He told me I would live here, and  I would have a sister vizsla named Hazel and lots of love.  I was afraid, and made myself very small and went with the  man into a building that smelled real good.  A female vizsla came running out and smelled me and licked me and whined “welcome Bostone”.  Some small humans petted me, and hugged me, and talked to me.  I was still afraid, but everything seemed okay.

That was so long ago, one whole year.  My forever home is lots of fun, I have a yard to play in, Hazel has taught me so much.  We have two baskets of toys, Hazel doesn’t like to share, but we play tug of war and chase each other up and down the stairs, all over the house.  She barks at things outside, I don’t bark much, it scares me when that loud noise comes out of my mouth!

vcli southside rescue dog bostone with a new friend I chase squirrels, and point birds in the woods.  Hazel shows me the best places to visit, and where everyone lives.  Mr. Gene lives next door, and my friend Pearl lives there.  She is a big white poodle, and she has a sister, Tansy, a  tiny Yorkie, who gives me little wet kisses.  Mr. Gene has a big parrot named Joe.  I visit Miss Annie when we take walks by the water.  She gives me big hugs and tells me I am her dog friend.

Hazel’s boyfriend Max, who is a miniature schnauzer ,  comes to visit with Mr. Matt.  Max, Hazel and I  have lots of fun running through the yard, and chasing things. When they leave, Hazel and I are tired.  My dad human takes Hazel and I for rides to visit lots of places.  I like to ride with my head out the window, and my ears flapping in the breeze.

One of my favorite rides is to a place called “the Beach”.  It is a big flat sandy place with no trees or squirrels, but there Hazel and I can chase seagulls.  The water chases us back and forth, and I try to play in  the water.  It is cold, and it runs away and comes back again.  I love the beach.

Life is good in Delaware with my family. I know what a forever home is, a forever home is all about love.  If I could, I would give big wet kisses to all my other humans who took care of me before I came to my forever home.   Bark Bark (Thank you!)


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