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Brandi’s Story

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Brandi’s Story

image007 I’ve been in love with Vizslas since 1969. That was the year my parents rescued an abused, neglected runt of the litter named Salamander and brought him home to live with us in our Philadelphia row house. I was seven. Salamander was pure love and joy with a dash of neurosis. He didn’t like to be left alone and would let us know that by chewing the original 1890’s woodwork or my parent’s brand new black leather and chrome sofa. We knew that he’d been up to something when he’d greet us at the front door by crumbling onto the floor and lying on his back, legs splayed, trembling. The simple words, ” What did you do” caused him such spasms of remorse that punishment of any kind was out of the question. The only way to respond to Salamander was with love. He taught me a lot about life.


I didn’t have another Vizsla until I had a family of my own. My oldest daughter who was 12, and I brought Birdie home from the breeder when he was 8 weeks old. My 5-year-old daughter carried him in a blanket to the bus stop on her first day of kindergarten. He sat in the rocker with me when I nursed my new baby. He’s in every birthday picture and Christmas video. He was the life of an already pretty happening party. When he got sick and needed insulin shots twice a day, when he then went blind, my children learned true compassion. The day we were taking him to be put to sleep they each said goodbye to him and experienced their first real loss.

image009We lost Birdie last June. I knew I didn’t want to be without a dog for long and I knew the only dog for me would be another Vizsla. I started making inquiries and discovered that Vizslas had become very popular, doubled in cost and there were long waiting lists with breeders.


With very little hope of being lucky enough to find another Vizsla rescue, I filled out the VCLI Vizsla Rescue application.


Stephanie called me in October a couple of days before my youngest daughter’s 9th birthday. Kaela had just said, “I wish I could have a Vizsla for my birthday”. My oldest daughter, now 22, came home from college to drive the 5 hours to upstate New York to pick up Brandi.


Brandi is a beautiful 6-year-old girl who was given up by her original family and then given

up again by her second family. I still can’t stop asking why anyone would have let go of image008this gorgeous, sweet, loving dog. She is adored by all of us and has in 3 short months become a family member. Her favorite place to be is, in this order: on top of me, in the car, under the blankets at the foot of the bed. When we got Brandi it seemed as though she was allergic to something. She would scratch her face and rub her nose along the wall. I’ve since switched her to a grain free diet and all allergies have cleared up. I really think though that Brandi’s ‘allergy’ was more of an emotional issue and that feeling safe and loved was all the medicine she needed.


I think back to the day my parents brought home a dog that needed a home. I remember Salamander running into our house, his whole backside swinging from side to side with excitement. From the moment I first laid eyes on my first Vizsla, there was no going back. I’m certain that all the other Vizsla owners reading this know exactly what I’m talking about. We realize how fortunate we are to be living our lives with these wonderful dogs.

Thank you Stephanie! You’re doing great work.

Lori Buzan

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