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Roux’s Story

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Brandy/Roux Adoption Story


Well, for my family, this was our first time to participate in the adoption of a Viszla rescue. Our love for Vizslas started 9 years ago when we brought our first “child” home–our four legged, furry Jake. His mother was a Vizsla and his father was a Weimaraner. Jake’s personality is IDENTICAL to Vizslas. I would read so many blogs, websites, books, searching out any information possible to help raise him to the best of our ability and still fitting with the way God designed him. We were instantly HOOKED! As all of you know, the V has a very unique personality.


My husband and I were married for one year when we brought Jake home and hadn’t had children yet. Nine years after bringing Jake home, three children later (Kennedy–6, Jackson–4, and Jude–20 months), and a cross-country move from Baton Rouge, LA to Buffalo, NY, we were finally ready to adopt another furry family member into our home. My family will forever have Vizslas as our family pets, but I knew realistically that bringing a puppy home would be too much for our family now with such young children, and with 9 year old Jake – that would be too much of an adjustment for him.


My family back in LA works in rescue and I have always had a heart to restore back the life that these sweet animals so deserve, but unfortunately through their lives’ journeys were left abandoned and distressed. I did a random Google search on the internet and came across VCLI Rescue and emailed Stephanie Fischer our story. I quickly got a response from Stephanie to give her a call. We INSTANTLY hit it off! You know when “you get it, you just get it. ”


We spoke “Vizsla.” I hadn’t really known another Vizsla owner and it was so much fun to get to banter back and forth about our beloved doggies. I so appreciated her “to the point attitude, no fluff, no bones about it” kind of dialogue. It is refreshing to just get to the point, and that “point” was that it might not even be a possibility for our family to be placed with a V because our children were so young. I fully understood; I had this innate trust in her judgment after only a couple conversations. I didn’t inquire anywhere else for Viszla rescue and knew that if our future family member was out there, then when the timing was right, we would be together.


Along came Brandy and her story. When Stephanie first called me to tell me about Brandy, my heart was instantly broken for her and the way her life had turned for the absolute worst. “Tied to a pole? Starving? Life-Threatening Pneumonia? ” What type of human does that to an animal? And then to find out what a sweet little angel dog she is – how could they have done that to her?


Jackson and Rooux
Jackson and Roux

Well, her story had already began to redeem itself when Jim and Chris brought her into their home and restored her body and spirit back to her original self–the way God designed it to be. I will be forever grateful to them for very literally bringing her back to life again. When they realized that she was great with children and with other dogs, Stephanie thought of our family. I am so grateful she did! When she was “officially” offered to us for adoption – there was no hesitation. YES! A thousand times over–YES! I was anxious to give her a home that loved her unconditionally, a family where she knows she is WANTED and is a MEMBER of the family, and another dog playmate that she could romp around and be the silly V she was meant to be.


My daughter, Kennedy, my friend Morgan, and our dog Jake and I took the long road trip to Princeton, New Jersey from Buffalo, (7 hours!) to meet and hopefully adopt our Brandy. We decided to spend the night with her foster family, Jim and Chris Pyle; we had instantly hit it off on the phone and thought it would be a lot of fun to get some time with them and to give Brandy time to adjust to our family and to Jake.


When we first arrived, Brandy came and greeted us with her happy, smiling face, and wiggling body and tail! A few hours later, we were all in the back bedroom unpacking and she came back by herself and just sat down to watch and listen–she stayed there for a long while as if knowing “OK, these are my people now–time to get to know them now. ”

Roux's Family
Roux’s Family

We had a wonderful visit with Jim and Chris, their two other Vizslas (Bailey and Tia) and Brandy. We all felt very comfortable with the transition. My heart was burdened for Jim and Chris because I saw the unconditional love and care they poured into Brandy. It was evident she had touched their lives for a lifetime. She is that kind of dog–she touches people, she makes people smile, she loves recklessly. It’s quite amazing to watch. So, with tears, we left early that morning. Jim assured me that there were more smiles then tears because he knew how right this was for all involved.


We had a wonderful drive back. When I would walk them together, Jake and Brandy walked stride in stride; they did their doggie “business” at the same time! They were like a little old married couple; like I said, it was meant to be. She has adjusted absolutely perfectly. There has not been ONE issue – it’s nothing short of miraculous and fully “meant to be. ” Jake smiles when he plays with her. They have such a lighthearted friendship and I can tell Jake isn’t as lonely when I leave to run an errand.


All three of the children are beyond thrilled to have her in our home. She has a special and unique relationship with each of us. It’s so interesting to observe. For instance, with me, she comes for lots of loving, hugs, and is my kitchen and bike companion. At night, she doesn’t leave Josh’s side (my husband) and is curled up next to him until bedtime. With my daughter, she is often found in her bedroom having “tea” with Kennedy. Kennedy makes her a “bed” with her blankets, gives her a pillow, and covers her body with a blanket and lets her pretend “sip tea” from her tea cup, and Brandy is just lying down or rolled over on her side with her tail wagging and tapping the floor with a huge smile on her face! She gets up early (and then after an hour usually goes back to sleep!) with my early bird, Jackson (4 year old). The two of them go downstairs, eat cereal together (he sneaks her some!) and they watch cartoons together side by side. (Meanwhile, Jake is still under the covers fast asleep!)


Jackson is most protective of her and can often be heard saying to guests coming in the house, “You need to be ‘bery bery’ gentle with her and nice to her because she is a ‘wescue’ dog and she has been through a lot. ” And he has whispered in my ear, “Mommy, she is my favorite because I can tell that she really loves me a lot. ” She just has that way about her; that’s what I mean–she has a “reckless abandonment” kind of love about her – something I think we all could learn from her. And then my youngest, Jude (20 months) has always been in love with Jake from a very young age. One of his first words was “Jaaaaa” “Baaaall” knowing Jake loves his ball. I knew he would be in love with Brandy. And the feeling is mutual – Jude is very gentle around her and will frequently be giving her open mouth kisses on her back and face and Brandy will just lie down and roll over, tail wagging, smile on her face! And at night, Brandy will walk into his nursery, Jude is fast asleep, she just walks in to check on him (each of the kids rooms she does this at night!) and will watch him sleep for a few seconds until I call her to bed and say “He is ok, he is fast asleep and safe. ” She has taken her job very seriously – to love our family well. I only hope we can repay the favor every, single day and redeem back the life that she deserves as her “forever family.”


As a side note – just a few days ago, the family has decided to change Brandy’s name. We had no intention of doing so originally, but the kids really wanted her to have something Louisiana in her name – something that was a piece of our family. Roux is a very popular pet name in LA, and it’s a Creole and French base for cooking many dishes. Roux comes in different brown tones, from the light caramel color to a dark brown coloring. And Brandy/Roux is a “roo-er.”She talks and roos all the time. We have already been calling her our “Roo-Roo girl. ” So, remarkably, she already knew her name! It was an easy, smooth transition for all. Roux is officially a Jersey/New Yorker/Creole Girl!

Allison and Josh LaRavia

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