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Chester’s Story

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Chester (& Lany)
It may seem odd starting out a story of our newest rescue, Chester, with another short story, “The story of Lany” that was rescued with the help of Mary K and Stephanie. Lany joined our family in May 2007? (Mary K – can’t remember if that was the year?) And although she obviously had a troubled past she quickly became our best friend and was an energetic learner and love bug that gave us a true appreciation for the breed and how tender and lovable they truly are. The love you show them comes back 10-fold and Lany was proof of that. Tragically, this past January, Lany was hit and killed by a snowplow. Our hearts were broken and our older female, Haylee, was depressed as well.

A few months passed and we reached out to the VCLI rescue league and mentioned we might be ready to try rescue again. Well – we checked out a male V possibility in Westport, CT but he would have nothing to do with our older female so we put things on hold (so we thought!) Indirectly through Mary K, someone saw a Craigslist Vizsla ad that needed to “rehome” their male V by a very caring previous owner. We called the same day and arranged a meeting with “Chester”, who was named after Rochester, NY where he is from. It was love at first sight and we found out later he is related to Stephanie Fischer’s male V Cliffy. Guess they are cousins! He’s a very curious 15-month-old male V, with a disposition of a mushy teddy bear. Chester is a true gift to us and wonderful with our 10 ½ year female. They sleep together and play together very well. Chet just spent a week at Lake Sunapee in New Hampshire with us on his first boat ride we believe. We found out he’s not fond of the water, but was a trooper. He had a few swim lessons and watched all the new sights and sounds with delight. New smells: ducks, loons, boats, birds, “oh my”. He was in heaven and is proof this is one amazing breed with a beautiful “full of life” temperament.

Pinch us, we are thrilled!!

Hope you enjoy the pictures, we will update you as he continues to sweeten our lives.

Jeff and Kim Johnson,
Mont Vernon, NH

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