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Doc’s Story

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Doc and Sophie Hanging Out

On August 25th, we adopted Doc, the newest Vizsla addition to our family! We had one “V” at the time, Sophie, 5-years-old and amazing. BUT, we really wanted to add another dog to our family and we were very specific…we wanted an “older” MALE dog! So, we looked at local shelters, asked around, but we realized pretty quickly that we were in love with the Vizslas. SO, we reached out to the Vizsla rescue coordinators on the east coast and we found Doc, an 8 1/2 year old male Vizsla! Actually, his full name is Stillwater Run’s Doctor Pericola! How do you like that?!!! (We have a doctor in the house :) We talked with his foster mom on email and by phone for a few weeks prior to the actual adoption and got as much information on him as possible and told her about Sophie and we both thought that we had a perfect match!

At first, your emotions run the gamut—will he be too old? If we get an older dog he won’t be with us long and we can’t bear to lose a dog so quickly, he’ll have a ton of health issues and the vet bills will be sky high. Is he too old for Sophie’s energy level, will he be too set in his ways to “fit in” and oh, the list went on and on. How funny to look back on those concerns now!!!! Let me tell you what we got in our beautiful 8 1/2 year old boy: a cream puff of a dog whose energy level is twice that of Sophie’s (oh, lucky us!!!), who’s healthy as an ox AND who came to us with good manners and is fully house trained (and we recently found out, Invisible Fence trained too!).

The advantages of adopting an older dog are huge—their training, their maturity, their patience, their wisdom—all come part of the package. Once we met Doc, all of our original concerns seemed so ridiculous. We never even thought of the advantages of adopting an older dog, but what a blessing he’s been. We absolutely adore him and feel as if he’s been with us forever! We’re part of a growing group of friends and family that have adopted older dogs and all of us have wonderful success stories to tell! My sister adopted a 10-year-old Maltese (what a doll!); my best friend adopted an 8-10 year old German Shepherd (sweeter than sugar!), and then we adopted Doc! It’s infectious!!!! In fact, from now on, we’ve decided to make sure there’s always room in our home for an older dog! My hope is that more people do too!

Nil and Tom O’Boyle

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