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Duke and Missie’s Story Continues

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Duke and Missie’s Story Continues

We were nervous to bring a baby home because Duke and Missie were so terrified of children. Being part of the South Side Kennel dogs, they were never really exposed to people. I talked to them about the baby through the whole pregnancy and I played shows on TV and the computer that had kids and babies making noise so they’d get used to that. Gordon brought home the blanket Niamh (Neeve) was wrapped in and the dogs inhaled the smell and slept with the blanket between them. When we brought her home a couple of days later I went in first and gave them lots of cuddles and Gordon brought Niamh in. They haven’t had any issues at all! Duke is very interested in her and likes to be very close. He comes running when she’s crying–although I suspect it’s to make sure I’m doing something about the noise! Missie will kiss her feet, hands and tries to lick her face but otherwise gives her and noisy toys a wide berth. She is doing her best to confiscate Violet (a talking stuffed dog)!!


They are still afraid of other children but not babies now so I imagine as she grows so will their confidence around kids. For right now they are doing what they can, Niamh and I walk them daily, hang with them most of the time and they get lots of attention from Gordon and me, and Duke is building a real doggie-kid friendship!

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