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Hank’s Story

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Hank’s Story



On a crisp February morning my partner, Rob, showed me a picture of a dog that needed a forever home…. a Vizsla.  During our regular Sunday breakfast I emailed VCLI and called Stephanie to say we were interested.


Let me back track a little. One, we had had three Vizslas up to that point and last summer our beloved Nicki (11-year-old male) passed on due to a splenic tumor. Two, right around the holidays I nudged Rob to look at rescue Vs with me and he was resistant to say the least.  So just like a good girlfriend (of 19 years) I kept up the nudging and he seemed to soften when he saw images of Vs in need. Three, he had his list of demands; a boy, no more than two…  Finally, he saw what he was convinced was our boy and he was right.


Later on that afternoon Stephanie called us back and went through the typical questioning one goes through when you want to add a new Vizsla to your family.  I guess we fit the mold she desired, because on Monday we drove out to the Island to get our boy, Hank.


It was love at first sight, for us, not for him.  As much as we knew about puppy raising and about the breed, nothing can prepare you for a rescue that has been abused. I found myself crying for him often.  Rob and I truly believed that if we just loved this boy enough he’d come around. And we right. Slowly.  Help and encouraging words from Stephanie also made our job less difficult. I must say, however, that it’s not a human that was the best influence for Hank; it was our 3-year-old female Vizsla Maggi, who just loves and adores this boy. She has been the best thing for him.













Hank & Maggi


It’s been over a month now and that super skinny, very very skittish boy that we brought home is but a memory. He still has some issues, but clearly he will overcome them. We made up his birthday since we didn’t know exactly when it was. Hank and Stephanie now share the same birthdate, 12/12. So that makes Hank approx. 15 months old. He still has a bit to go when it comes to complete serenity, but he’s come so far.  We are confident he knows we are his humans and Maggi is his sister and that he is loved in his foreverandever home here in Nyack.

Robert Guido and Tamara Novak






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