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Kiwi’s Story

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kiwiIt was time for our family to get a dog. We decided to wait until our children were older and ready to aide in the care of a dog. After much research we decided to rescue a dog and we fell in love with the Vizsla breed. The personality is what drew me the most. Every Vizsla I met was so sweet and cuddly. I loved that! We where led to Stephanie Fischer and the Vizsla Club, where we met many wonderful people and Vizslas. After going to Vizsla Fun Day we were ready to wait as long as needed to adopt a Vizsla. Fortunately Stephanie called us about a female Vizsla named Kika that needed a home. We made arrangements to pick her up at Stephanie’s house where we took over her care immediately. We took her straight to Petco and got her some much needed supplies. Kika, now known as Kiwi is a beautiful, sweet and lovable lap dog. We meant to keep her name, but my husband kept saying Kiwi and she started to respond to it. I love her new name and think it fits her well. She has settled down nicely into our family of five. She is like a new baby in the house and everyone cares for her well. She loves sitting on your lap and everyone must say hello or else. She gets all the needed attention and loves her new back yard, where she runs around and plays with the kids. One of her favorite games is hide and seek. She loves chasing the kids around and is so gentle and loving with all. She loves other dogs and children the most. She has made a lot of friends, including Lazlo, another Vizsla rescue. There is a wedding being planned by the kids in the neighborhood. Kiwi loves being with her family every moment of the day. She whines when we’re not around her and she loves to cuddle. We feel very fortunate to experience the love dogs bring to people. Kiwi brings out our best qualities and is always there to love us when we need it the most. I feel as if she has been with us forever and can’t imagine our family without her. Thank you Vizsla Rescue for helping us to find our forever dog.

Grace Russolillo

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