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Kobör’s Story

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“He is the best present ever…” which is how we always describe him.  Sadly, we just lost our previous 12 year old Vizsla to cancer, and were determined to find a Vizsla in need of rescue to help fill our empty hearts when Kobör came into our lives.  Previously named Carter by his foster family, he was found running around in North Jersey and was described as a two year old male, bearing a few scars but otherwise a happy, healthy Vizsla.
We were blessed with an incredibly easy transition.   We met him at the foster family’s home, and the minute he saw my husband he leapt into his arms, licking his face like a long-time buddy.  From that moment we knew he was the one for us.  We decided he needed a Hungarian name, so selected Kobör, which means wanderer.  Kobör is on the small side (was just under 40 lbs. when we adopted him), and happily for us, the vet confirmed that he is only about 9-10 months old.  He has the sweetest temperament, and has to be the fastest tail-wagger I’ve ever seen.  He has full run of the house, but has never touched a shoe or a pillow or played with anything other than his toys.   Kobör minds his manners, never steals food from the kitchen counter, and rarely barks. He loves car rides and is always ready to jump in for a trip, whether it’s across town or across the state.  Of course, he does sleep on a human bed, and is constantly being petted, as none of us can resist him!
Kobör has just experienced his first romp in the snow, chasing the tips of my husband’s cross-country skis on the trails near our home.  He tears about the backyard, chasing squirrels and chipmunks, and loves to play with our teenaged children, as well as his “dog friends” when they come to visit.
It has been almost three months since Kobör came into our lives.  Every day I look at him and think how lucky we are that we found him – Kobör is truly our perfect dog.
Laraine, Mark, Cayla and Conor Francisco

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