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Laszlo’s Story

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Julia Pollina and Laszlo.

Our story of how we were blessed with Laszlo is a mix of emotion from intense grief to sheer joy. On September 19th our sweet 10 year old Vizsla Hendrix died unexpectedly. While we knew we couldn’t go too long without another friend in the house, we were going to wait at least a little while. We had always said our next dog would either be a pound puppy or a rescue. But we were so crazy about our vizsla that we had decided that we wanted another vizsla puppy. But knowing how rare the chance was of finding one in either of these places, we had resolved that we were going to go through a breeder. In fact, the night we got the call, our bags were packed for a trip to our house upstate and we had plans to see a breeder up there.

Just before leaving the house, Stephanie Fischer called to say that someone had turned in a vizsla puppy to a shelter in New Jersey and it had to come out of the shelter right away, were we interested? Unfortunately the previous owner failed to provide any documentation or information as to the dog’s origin, other than that it had come from a breeder in North Carolina. She apparently was unprepared for the commitment necessary to properly raise this wonderful puppy. Sonya, the woman at the shelter, told us that she was sure that the previous owner had mistreated him because she said he cowered at times and piddled alot, but she was confident that at his young age all he needed was lots of love. Well that was that, we knew what to do.

Although we didn’t know exactly what to expect, all we can say is our expectations have been surpassed. He walked into our home like he owned the place. Curious and alert, yet sweet and cuddly, not to mention gorgeous. He is all vizsla and takes full advantage of our large yard. He loves walks around the neighborhood and is excellent with his crate. For his outdoor lounging, Laszlo has chosen the same spot on our deck that Hendrix always chose. When we let him out, if we don’t go out with him he looks back like “so, aren’t you coming?” There are lots of squirrels and birds in our yard, and Laszlo is quite a stalker! The first thing the kids want to do when they come home from school or wake up in the morning is play with the pup, and he knows it! We look forward to taking him upstate to watch him explore acres and acres of fun. We always said that whenever Hendrix and Emily (our GSP who we lost two years ago) were there, it was like they were home.

We are still so heartbroken over the sudden loss of our beloved Hendrix and miss him dearly. Life with a puppy is very different than life with a 10 yr old, but still the house feels more like home now that Laszlo is here. We are delighted for the opportunity to give our new family member everything he needs to be healthy and happy, as we know he will give us his all.

Talk about good karma: Stephanie called us ten years to the day that we brought Hendrix home. We are so grateful to her for finding Laszlo for us. Many thanks!!

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