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Molly’s Story

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vcli rescue dog mollyAs most of you know, we have adopted Molly, who used to be named Mercedes.  She originally was adopted by one of my prior rescue families.  The only requirement being, she must get along with people and travel well in a car.  Well… as all of them are, she is very shy until she knows you and throws up in the car on every ride.  Bonine and ginger help a bit, but not always.  Her claim to fame is we taught her how to puke into a plastic bag.  Certainly makes cleaning the car much easier!  It has been 10 months since she arrived, and most of the quirks have disappeared.  She is no longer terrified of the running water.  My gut is that they sprayed out the kennels with the dogs in them.  She can just about handle the noise from the icemaker, and no longer slinks around when she is walked outside.  She is very friendly to all the neighborhood dogs and kids.  She lines up with the boys for her morning fish oil pill, and has been taught well the fine art of begging.  She and Jake chase each other around the house and really have bonded. She looks to Cliffy for safety. Her favorite friends at the dog park are 2 rescue grey hounds.  The people have slowly watched her come out of her shell and marvel at how truly sweet she is. She will go around and greet the humans and then hang with the dogs.  She is a kind, gentle soul who loves to be hugged.  From day 1 she has slept on my pillow in my shoulder.  She has learned that she likes to be under the covers.  She also has learned to hit you for attention.  All the things I took for granted with the boys.  I marvel at the way these characteristics are coming out in Molly. She makes all of us smile every day!

vcli rescue dogsjake and molly enjoying each others company

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