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Nate’s Story

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southside vcli rescue dog nateThank you for your email. We would love to have Nate be on the website. He truly is a special dog and has grown so much in the past almost year! That first week when we brought him home Zack and I both discussed that we may have taken on a bigger project then we had originally thought. For example as soon as we let Nate out of the car after driving  he took off sprinting down the road in a total panic at ………….. nothing.  The first time I took him for a run he was afraid of rocks, sticks, my foot scraping on the tar despite this from the very beginning he loved Navio (Navi) our then 2 year old female Vizsla.   Nate (often called Big Nate or Nate Dog) would bark at anyone entering whatever room he was currently in, wouldn’t let men near, including Zack who felt terrible when Nate would cower away from him, Navio was his security blanket.  Whatever Navi did, Nate did. Still to this day it is like having one Vizsla with two heads.   Luckily for us Navio is very patient and loves having her snuggle buddy nearby at all times.  While she is definitely in charge Navi is a good role model for Nate because she is comfortable in every situation.  Recently Zacks’ mother, who is not a dog person and was very nervous around Nate at first, visited our home and was greeted by two Vizsla wagging their tails and happy to have a visitor to which she responded, “Nate is a totally different dog then when I first met him!”  This was so good to hear because we have really been working hard to help Nate feel comfortable in different situations but even to have him be confident in his comfort zone, i.e. his house is HUGE!

As he becomes more and more adjusted and comfortable his personality is coming out.  Nate biggest loves are his bed, chewing, being pet and of course Navi. If he wants you to pet him watch out he will lean up against you and is very strong he can push you over if you’re not careful. Since he is most comfortable around women he typically does this to me, my sister and my mother. His happy face smiling up at you is hard to resist!  He has accepted Zack as someone who he can trust but most men are still pretty scary! Nate is a wonderful dog and we are truly happy to have him in our lives. He is Navio’s companion and guaranteed to put a smile on your face. Nate’s heart is full of goofy love!

Anna Perry


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