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Nico’s Story

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nicoAfter doing a good deal of research, we thought that Vizslas had everything we were looking for in a dog and more.  When we got in touch with Stephanie to find out about a rescue, we knew for sure that this was the right breed for us.  Weary of our lack of vizsla savvy-ness Stephanie encouraged us to meet some Vizslas and a few experienced owners. So we attended Fun Day and had a blast meeting group members and all of the Vizslas.  We left knowing we wanted a Vizsla of our own to do all that fun stuff with.
Forward about six weeks and we received a phone call from Stephanie telling us she may have found us a match!  A few days later we went to meet Nico.  He was very excited to say the least.  We could tell he came from a loving home that was forced to make a difficult decision due to changing circumstances.  The following week, we officially fostered Nico.  Along with Nico, they sent us home with a book, complete with his life story, pictures, and everything there was to know about his routine and habits.  We are forever grateful that they allowed us to make Nico a member of our family.
On the car ride home he slept in my lap in the backseat.  He is such an awesome dog; smart and goofy at the same time.  Over the past few weeks we have gotten to know Nico and vice versa.  He wants to be everywhere we are.  He has had several play dates and begun a courtship with one of our friend’s dog, Tiger.  He’s tried to sneak a few sips of beer; we have to remind him he’s allergic to the barley.  He has enjoyed the beach and several runs.  He loves car rides, especially feeling the wind blowing back his ears.  He’ll fetch a ball unless something else catches his eye, he is very easily distracted.  Did someone say walk?  He knows what that means.  Bedtime?  He immediately curls up on his doggie bed in our room.  It took mere days for us to let him stay out of the crate and have free roam of our house.  Anytime he gets overly excited he’ll immediately grab the nearest toy and circle around like a little boy.  Belly rubs? Who doesn’t love them.  Lap dog?  Of course he is.
We also enjoy the moments when he lies down as we know we have given him his fill of exercise and fun.  Paws crossed or a paw under his ear seems to be his favorite positions.  He is truly such a great, happy dog.  Thankfully Stephanie has been there throughout with helpful pointers sharing in our contentment and love for our newest family member.  We look forward to taking him on hikes and including him in all our activities. =)

Jen Karp & Brian Raby

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