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Nulty’s Story

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Vizsla Withdrawal Cured

Nulty’s Story


image010 My life has been turned upside down by a serious case of Vizsla withdrawal.

My wife, Lynda, and I have had Vizslas for 25 years.  A male (Beo) and female (Ella), littermates, have ruled our lives since November 2008.  They climb on the furniture, sleep in our bed and take us for one long run and two short ones daily.


When I rented a home on Peaks Island Maine, they stayed behind with my wife in Concord NH. I thought surely Beo and Ella would come visit me from time to time. Nope.  No way was my wife giving up their company. Until she retires, they stay with her at our home in Concord NH.

While dealing with Vizsla withdrawal I encountered two Vizslas being walked on the island and learned that one was a rescue. Ah, a solution to Vizsla withdrawal. I quickly made contact online with rescue of Maine, completed the paperwork, waited, and waited and waited.

Suddenly I got a call from Long Island Vizsla Rescue’s Stephanie Fischer. Could I adopt a pair of Vizslas? No, this didn’t feel right so I declined the adoption. Imagine my surprise when shortly thereafter I got another call from Stephanie while vacationing in Florida. Would I consider an 8-year-old male whose owner had died suddenly? I took several days to think about it. This would put a real dent in my single carefree island lifestyle.




My mind said to look before I leaped.  My heart said consider the joy that a loving Vizsla image011will bring into my island life. So, I stopped in Newburg, NY on the way back to Maine and picked up Nulty. He looked so sad; his coat was dull; he was underweight; he shivered and shook from anxiety. On the drive to Maine I wondered if I was up to the task.


Stephanie wondered too. She kept in close contact looking out for the dog’s best interest. Clearly I was the one who had to meet her rigorous standard of care or this would be just a foster placement.


To show her my dedication and the burgeoning love affair between Nulty and me, photos have been emailed to her daily.  You can see the progress we both are making in becoming a Vizsla household.  After only eleven days of care Nulty and I have become great friends. The photos helped me share my joy with family, friends and the whole Facebook world.


Overnight my ten dark months of Vizsla withdrawal ended. I knew what I was getting into, all the work that a new Vizsla requires. After one short week my spirits have lifted as Nulty and I walk along the main street of the island greeted by “What a beautiful puppy!” from everyone.  Yes, what a beautiful 8- year-old puppy.


This Vizsla now has me showing him the Indian trails through the island, horses in their corral, beaches to show swimming skills, rocky shores to explore, ferry rides to take into Portland. This Vizsla has me flinging a ball into Casco Bay for him to retrieve. He shows how much he loves going for rides in the car. He makes friends wherever we go.


Who rescued who?  Nulty has cured me of Vizsla withdrawal and given me a whole new set of daily activities that bring joy along with quiet night times when we both sleep soundly after busy days.My Vizsla withdrawal has been cured by Nulty who has rescued me as much as I have rescued him.


We both want to pass the Vizsla Club of Long Island’s rigorous standards for adoption.  Nulty and I look forward to passing from foster placement to permanent adoptive home. This rescued Vizsla and adoptive owner have become lifelong friends in eleven short days.  I





wholeheartedly recommend the Vizsla rescue adoption to cure Vizsla owner withdrawal.

David Lamarre-Vincent

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