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Pepsi’s Story

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Pepsi-Pepalisious-Pep Pepvcli southside recue dog pepsi

One year and counting the addition of Sweet Pepsi in our lives. He has adjusted very well to being the only guy in a house hold with 4 intact females. He loves his best buddy Flash who is always by his side. They are never very far apart. They also get into trouble together out side in the yard. Pep loves to dig in my gardens, which actually no longer really exists…..!They had been making a fuss at the fence for about two weeks , it was driving me crazy, I was always at the door making sure they were not trying to escape the yard. One day while preparing the patio for summer time meals I saw him sitting quietly with his back to me. He was just sitting there still as could be. When I walked over to him he turned around and there hung a 2 ft garden snake dead in his mouth…….YEKS! So, that was what he and Flash had been digging for for 2 weeks and successfully drug into the yard under the fence! No thanks buddy………I am scared to death of snakes… NOW how to get him too leave it and not try to present me with a gift!  I went in the house and got a chew bone, nope, did not work, I went back in and got a cookie, did not work, I went in and got a piece of cheese.. thank god …worked, he dropped it and ran into the family room without the snake!

He comes from no where to kiss me when I am watching TV. Sometimes he’s sound asleep an all of a sudden he must feel the need to have some contact and across the room he comes, holds his big beautiful head sideways for a kiss and then after we have our moment together he is back in his dog bed. I am never alone, he is with me in every room, in every thing I do. He loves real kisses on his lips.. he adores my grandsons, pointing birds and butterflies and playing with the retrieving dummy..except he plays with the cord not the dummy itself, and his newest fun thing is a laser lighted pen that he is obsessed with following the light up and down the walls and across the room. Oh, and he hates bugs!

He has a beautiful personality and sweet dispassion. He enjoys people, an is a very happy dog. Brian said, he doesn’t think we have ever had a happier dog in all our 43 years in Vizslas. That my peers, is the best thing we can ask for, for this very special guy.



Pepsi and two of his girls…(LF TO RT)Flash,Pepsi and Taylor who always rests her head on him.

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