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Rose’s Story

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vcli rescue dog rose

Stephanie, as you can see in the photo, I am being supervised as I write.  Rose makes friends wherever we go.  A special friend is the postman, who puts a milk bone through the mail slot.  Sometimes we meet him on our walks and he always has a pat and another bone for her.

Humans are not her only friend.  I looked out in the yard one day to see a rabbit eating grass with Rose 10 feet behind eating rabbit poop. This went on for several minutes until the rabbit finished and hopped off into the bushes. My neighbor says Rose is a pacifist, but much more than that she is a perfect companion for me.  As I adapt to a slower lifestyle at 87, she is adapting from Southside to a fuller life with the freedom of a house and a yard to play in, and daily walks that we both need!  Life is good, we need each other.

Rose is now 9 ½ and spayed.  Her weight remains at 42 pounds as it was when I first got her in April 2012.  She has overcome her separation anxiety, but still doesn’t like thunderstorms. She loves to lie on the floor where the sun hits it, and follows the sun around when it moves on the floor.  She is perfect for me.


Trudy Lanman

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