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Scooby’s Story

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vcli rescue dog scooby in a dog bed with another vWe could never imagine our life without a Vizsla and when our beloved Hunter died it took us all of 30 days to get puppy……we found a crazy loving and wonderful boy and named him Remington (we call him Remi).  After Remi turned 2 we realized that he needed a friend and as my son’s high school graduation approached, all he wanted was another Vizsla and we found a puppy that we would get at the end of August and put a deposit on him. We were all excited, but something in me said I made a mistake about the breeder. After research and conversation with Stephanie, I found out she was a puppy mill. I found horrible articles about her on-line and realized I made a terrible mistake.  Needless to say, our family was devastated.  About this same time Stephanie had contacted us about a rescue, the same age as Remi.  She spoke of a wonderful dog she had met who had a very sweet personality.  We discussed him at length and she felt he was a perfect fit for our family and Remi.   As things worked out, the day we were supposed to go and pick up our puppy, was the day Scooby entered our back yard for the first time.  Remi and Scooby clicked immediately, both were ball addicts, and Scooby ran the yard with Remi all afternoon as well as taking his first swim in the pool. He was comfortable and trusting from the beginning, but you could tell, he was a little unsure of things and of us, but that would quickly change.

About a week after he got here, he developed a very severe case of gastroenteritis, and had to spend the day at the vets office, he was very sick for 3 days and we were so worried about him. Remi was also very upset and howled at the window when I had to take him to the vets. When the vet called and said we could come and get him, that the IV and medications worked, we couldn’t  get there fast enough. Although it had only been a week, we were in love with Scooby…but we didn’t know up until that day, that he was just as happy and in love with us. When we walked into the Vets office and they brought him out to us, we cried. The look on his face was just pure happiness, we were greeted with such affection and joy (such as he hadn’t shown before) that we knew he felt the same way about us. It was over, we knew at that very instant that he wanted to be with us too. When we got home, Remi couldn’t contain himself, he was barking and jumping for joy and wouldn’t leave Scooby alone, it was a priceless moment, these two boys had bonded in a way I never imagined could happen.

vcli rescue dog scooby on the couch with his new familyScooby is such a cuddler. He loves to lay right up against you (preferably on top of you) with your arms wrapped around him.  If there’s a group of teenagers on the couch hanging and out and watching TV, he’s right there with you, snuggled right up there with them.  He is just as ball crazy as Remi, which makes for interesting play in the yard.  Scooby and Remi run around the yard all day, digging holes, finding sticks, and having crazy dog fun…and well,  if its too muddy or wet outside, they’ll just run around the house all day.  After dinner, they’re both tired and looking to cuddle up next to you for the night. Scooby has found that his favorite place to sleep is in bed with my son, snuggled as close as possible to him (who has claimed Scooby as ‘his dog’).

We can’t picture our family without Scooby, his intense stares, his happy faces and his affection for all of us, especially Remi. The two boys sleep together in the bed by the window waiting for us to come home, or together on the bed in my office, on the couch or in bed with us. The only one in the house Scooby is still a bit shy of is the cat…but he’s a 12 year old cat, who has accepted Scooby into the household, but whom Scooby still is unsure of – its quite funny.

We all know Scooby was meant for our family… just took him a little while to find us. He and Remi are just wonderful together, something we didn’t know could happen so quickly. Although Scooby’s only been with us a few months, he feels like he’s always been here.  Thank you Stephanie… when you said you’d find me a Vizsla for our family, I never should have doubted you for a minute – Thank you for our Scooby “Doo” – he was our missing piece!!!

The Rollo Family

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