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Sienna’s Story

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Timmy with Sienna

We adopted our new member of the family, Sienna, at the end of September. We have had nothing but the most wonderful experience with Sienna so far. She is definitely an answer to the prayers of our oldest child, Abby. We have had several not so happy dog stories in the past. She has so desired a dog she could love and adore and one that would return the same feelings to her. Her prayers have come true. Sienna is a nine-year-old angel, full of love, affection and patience. Abby has found a true friend in Sienna. They take several long walks each day before and after school, and curl up together for the night after a long day is through.

Sienna is adjusting very well to her new home. She has handled all the love and attention of her new family with much grace. Our 3-year-old son is sitting watching his morning shows, eating breakfast with Sienna curled up beside him. He keeps calling “Mommy, look,” as I peer around the corner to see the adorable sight. Our 7-yearold has so enjoyed romping around our back yard, clapping his hands and calling his new friend to attention. Dad even brought his new friend for a ride to his office the other day.

My mother recently suffered a second series of strokes and lives out of state. Needless to say, this is a very trying time for me as wife, mother of three and as a daughter. Confession time now. I was not 100% sure a dog was just what this family, or should I say I, needed at this time. I was right and wrong. A dog was not what we needed, but Sienna is. She has only brought joy and happiness to our home. There has not been one added ounce of stress since her arrival. It is as though she has been with us all of her life (without all the trials of raising and training). Sienna is full of just what each of us need of her. It is like she was meant for us at this time in our lives, and almost as if she knows that. I do feel a bit of sadness for her having to be surrendered from her previous family. They without doubt showered her with much love and attention. She was obviously well loved and cared for. For that I am very thankful. I would like her previous owners to know that she could not be receiving more love than she is here with us now. She has been a gift to us, one for which we are all uniquely and truly thankful.

Heidi Reid

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