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Vanah’s Story

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vanahTwo years ago I lost my beloved dog to a horrible accident and thought I would never love another dog.  I found myself missing the warmth, and companionship a dog brings into my life.  Not wanting to get the same breed as my former dog, my Mom who shows her dogs recommended Vizslas to me as a dog that is a loving companion and craves the outdoors as I do.  I found Stephanie on the Vizsla Club of America Rescue site for the New York region.

When I contacted Stephanie, I filled out an application with her, we talked and emailed about what I was looking for in a dog and what I would be able to provide.  Having never owned a Vizsla, she encouraged me to research the breed and spend some time with people who owned them.

I found a few folks online through the Clubs of NY and NJ, and went to a fun day agility picnic.  Of the people I contacted, one got back to me and said they were looking to place a wonderful dog into a good home.  She was a year and a half old, and was not taking to showing and wasn’t going to be bred.  I was thrilled. We wrote and exchanged pictures of my home and their dog.  We finally met and my boyfriend and I took the dog for a one month trial period.  She fit right in and really enjoyed stalking my cats.  We have since made things official.  She now has 3 beds, but of course, prefers sleeping on the couch and my bed.  She has a chest full of toys and plays with her sticks every day in the woods.  We hike and swim several times a week…and I almost wore her out on a 5 mile hike up a 2500 ft. peak. (I think it just made her hungrier).

Stephanie has been a wonderful guide through out; helping me to familiarize myself with the breed, answering questions and helping me connect with other Vizsla owners.  Expecting to adopt a rescue, instead I found a wonderfully trained dog that just needed a new home. What perfect timing.


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