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Selecting and Training a Puppy

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Resources for Selecting and Training a Puppy


General advice:

NuggetFirstVetVisitDecide what kind of lifestyle you want with the dog. All dogs, but especially puppies, need exercise every day, but some need more than others. A sporting breed, such as a Vizsla, has been bred to run in the field all day, and a brief walk around the block will barely warm them up. One British dog book said, in a masterpiece of understatement that Vizslas need “energetic owners.”

Puppies also chew and cannot be left alone all day. Their bladders and sphincter muscles and nutritional needs do not allow it.

Assume from the outset that you will have to invest time training the dog and being trained v pup jackson 3yourself in classes, such as Family Dog or Puppy Kindergarten. Vizslas are smart and sensitive and do not take well to harsh or highly regimented repetitive training.

Books & DVDs:

Sue Brown,

Juvenile Delinquent Dogs (e-book or print) for when your puppy becomes an adolescent

Jean Donaldson

Train Your Dog Like a Pro (You wouldn’t know it from the title, but the book is VERY novice handler friendly — lots of consideration of the human half of the team — and comes with a DVD).

willyIan Dunbar (the founder of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers)

Before and After You Get Your Puppy

Sirius Puppy Training (DVD)

Brian Kilcommons

Paws to Consider

Grisha Stewart

Give Your Puppy A Choice

Training DVD

The Official Ahimsa Dog Training Manual (e-book orcliffyandJakeasapuppy


Whole Dog Journal Handbook of Dog and Puppy Care and Training, edited by Nancy Kerns – books

Whole Dog Journal’s Guide to Optimum Dog Care: Puppy Primer. – books

Sophia Yin

Perfect Puppy in 7 Days

Other books and DVDs can be identified at, an online store of dog materials, although many are also available at public libraries, or bookstores.


Rezi 018Ruffly Speaking

puppy buyer etiquette

Ian Dunbar’s website.

Includes articles on puppies and how to find a dog trainer. – Puppy

Lots of puppy training info.

Karen Pryor’s clicker training site. Lots of relevant articles under dogs-library.lrg-297-cimg6642

One of my Vizsla breeder friends with a lot of general puppy info as well as Vizsls-specific stuff.

Hope these help.

The AKC has brief breed descriptions at, and a directory of the national breed parent clubs at all of whom have breeder referral contacts to help you find local breeders.

If you want to meet local breeders, go to a dog show. You can find out where and when at Long Island usually has a weekend cluster in May and September-October.

Mary K. Chelton

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