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Fun, fun, FUN!!! It never ends with a V by your side.
Fun, fun, FUN!!! It never ends with a V by your side.

So at this point you have done all of your homework, you read all about the Vizsla breed, you understand the exercise requirements, you met with some Vizsla owners, you even attended a few events to meet with some examples of the breed and have still decided that a Vizsla is the right dog for you. Congratulations!!! You will now be starting a relationship (12 years or more) with a very special breed.

As with any type of relationship, the more you are involved with each other, and the more you do things together, the stronger and more rewarding your relationship will be. But how do I do that? you might ask.

021_edited-1-1024x682Welcome to the wonderful world of Dog sports! Here you will find many activities that you can do with your Vizsla that will keep not only your dog in shape but yourself as well! The Vizsla is such an intelligent and versatile breed that it can excel at most of the sports that are available. In fact, it is a Vizsla that has the unequalled distinction of being the first and only quintuple champion in AKC history! CH FC AFC OTCH MACH Legacy’s DeChartay UDX(5) MH

Please click on the links below to find out more about the different activities you can enjoy with your Vizsla.

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